Competitive Physiques

Powell Fitness works with clients from all walks of life, including competitive physique athletes. Bodybuilding as a sport is ever-changing, and the coaches at Powell Fitness stay on top of trends in judging, posing, training, and prepping for a show.

Whether you are a bikini athlete or heavy weight bodybuilder, there are coaches who can help you bring your best package to the stage. We work with athletes competing in both drug tested and non-tested shows, including the OCB and NPC, taking a holistic and healthy approach to show prep. Powell Fitness has helped many of our clients achieve their pro status as competitive physique athletes.

Powell Fitness is the promoter of one of the OCB’s most prestigious natural bodybuilding competitions, the No Gear Classic, held in Greensboro every May. We encourage you to visit our No Gear website to learn more about competing in a physique show, as well as our contest prep seminars and upcoming show details.