Our Facility

PFT is premier a personal training and wellness studio. We have more than 20 independent certified training professionals. We do not have memberships. Everything is done by appointment with a personal trainer or in one of our group training sessions.

Our flagship studio is located at 12-L Wendy Ct in Greensboro. With well over 8,000 square feet of space, and plenty of equipment for any style of workout, Powell Fitness has a distinctive family feel among both trainers and clients that sets us apart from other gyms. Our unique training model allows clients to utilize shared space while receiving personal attention from their trainer. We welcome you to make an appointment to walk through our facility. Just contact us to set up a consultation!


Weight Training

Our large main training floor boasts a variety of weight training equipment, including weight machines, cable machines, barbell benches and racks, cardio equipment and free weights – everything you and your trainer need to get a great workout.


Multi-Functional Space

Powell Fitness also offers several cross training rooms ideal for interval work, plyometrics, tire flips, rope climbs, rowing, Olympic lifting and more. You’ll find lots of open space, as well as plenty of additional equipment for multi-functional use.

Request a Consultation

Personal training sessions begin with a thorough consultation to review your goals. Setting specific, measurable goals is a great way to track progress, and is a critical tool in ensuring success and accountability during your training! Our quick questionnaire helps us determine the best course of training for your specific needs. Click here to get started!