Personal Training

Our personal trainers have decades of experience in the industry and are a trustworthy source for personalized programming.  Selecting a personal trainer is a very important step in reclaiming your health and vitality, or taking your training to the next level!

A personal trainer serves many roles; accountability partner, coach, safety supervisor and much more. Most importantly, a personal trainer should be an expert in the field of fitness and nutrition.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, add muscle, train for a competition, or simply get ready for beach season, there’s a customized program for you. Based on your goals, your trainer will create custom workout regimens, custom meal plans, as well as tips and tricks for optimal results.  We will be by your side to supervise your workouts to ensure proper, safe form, and offer motivational support.

Personal training sessions begin with a thorough consultation to review your goals. Setting specific goals is a great way to track progress, and is a critical tool in ensuring success and accountability during your training!

After evaluating your goals one-on-one with the trainer that you feel is the best fit for you, he/she will help you determine if individual training sessions will help you reach your goals, and will then set a training schedule with you, including length of sessions and frequency of training. Specific tools will be used throughout your training to help measure your success!

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