Will Powell, Powell Fitness Training

Greensboro personal trainer and world-renowned CrossFit Games champion, Will Powell is a leading expert in fitness and nutrition. Currently, he offers virtual training and personal training, as well as group training programs.

Virtual Training

Will offers several online personal training packages.  Have you always wished you could train with Will, but live too far away?  Here is a great opportunity to receive Will’s personalized guidance through online training.  Following is the list of options available.  Whether you need a lot of guidance and “hands-on” input or just need direction, Will has a plan for you.

Tier 1

Intensive Goal Management:

  • Daily workouts
  • Daily Meal Plans
  • Bi-Weekly skype or phone sessions up to 30 minutes
  • Up to five 5 minute text sessions per month
  • Up to 5 demo videos on technique


  • $299/month (three month contract)
  • $1.50/minute for any additional electronic communication not listed in this package.

Tier 2

Goal Management

  • Daily Workouts
  • Daily Meal Plans
  • Up to five 5 minute text sessions per month


  • $179/month (three month contract)
  • $1.50/minute for any additional electronic communication not listed in this package.

Tier 3

Assisted Self-Management:

  • Daily Workouts OR Meal Plans
  • One 20 minute skype or phone sessions
  • Up to five 3 minute text sessions per month


  • $129/month (3-month contract)
  • Add 30-minute skype or phone session $29/month
  • $1.25/minute for any additional electronic communication not listed in this package.

Tier 4

Workout Programming:

  • Daily Workouts
  • Daily Meal Plans


  • $99.00/month (3-month contract)
  • $1.50/minute for any additional electronic communication not listed in this package.

Group Training

Will offers a variety of group fitness classes to help you get back into shape or take your fitness to the next level! Boot camps in Greensboro may be a dime a dozen, but we guarantee you that there’s nothing out there like this! In a small group setting, you’ll have fun, get a great workout, and learn from a professional with over 35 years of experience. In addition, when you join a group class, meal plans are included in your training!

There are no long term contracts.  Every class is month to month.  We will set you up on auto-draft that can be cancelled at anytime with 7 days notice.

*We aren’t a CrossFit box. While Will is very well-known in the CrossFit arena due to his involvement in the Reebok CrossFit Games, our group fitness classes are not CrossFit workouts. They are very comprehensive, intentional programs that include isolation work and accessory moves for definition, shaping, and symmetry. In addition, we build in recovery and constantly vary our workouts to ensure that you get the most pleasing aesthetic in a non-intimidating atmosphere that’s inclusive for all levels of fitness!

Here are the group fitness classes that Will currently offers:

Strength and Conditioning Lite*

This program introduces clients to strength and conditioning using light to moderate weight and sub-max heart rate training as well as developing flexibility.  This class is perfect for those just starting or those that do not feel quite ready to go into the strength and conditioning class.

This class meets Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 5:45-6:30 pm & Saturday 9:00 am. This class is taught by Will Powell.  The cost is $110/month with auto-draft.

Strength and Conditioning

This class is high intensity with a focus on building mobility, strength and cardiovascular conditioning. Some barbell experience will be helpful, but workouts can be scaled to your level. These classes are also taught by team coaches selected personally by Will to deliver his programming. Monday-Friday: 6:00 am & 5:30 pm
Saturday 9:00 a.m.

The cost for this class is $125/month with auto-draft for unlimited classes.

Personal Training

Personal training sessions begin with a thorough consultation to review your goals. Setting specific goals is a great way to track progress.  Setting goals is a critical tool in ensuring success and accountability during your training!

After evaluating your goals, Will will help you determine if you need one on one training or group training to help you reach your goals.  If you agree that one-on-one training is best, he will help you determine the number of days per week and the length of each session. The average cost of sessions with Will are $45/30 minutes, $55/45 minutes and $70/hour. These prices may be adjusted for extra people, or other extenuating circumstances. This will be discussed in the initial consultation. The initial commitment is ten sessions, with an evaluation after every 10th session as to how to proceed.   Some clients continue with one on one sessions, and some feel ready to move into group sessions.  Will is with you each step of the way to help you make the best decision based on your means and goals.

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