Powell Fitness Services

Powell Fitness Services

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Personal training sessions begin with a thorough consultation to review your goals. Setting specific, measurable goals is a great way to track progress, and is a critical tool in ensuring success and accountability during your training! Our quick questionnaire helps us determine the best course of training for your specific needs.

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Personal Training

Whether your goal is to lose weight, add muscle, train for a competition, or simply get ready for beach season, there’s a customized program for you. Most importantly, based on your goals, Powell Fitness trainers create custom workout regimens, custom meal plans, as well as tips and tricks for optimal results.  We will be by your side to supervise your workouts to ensure proper, safe form and offer motivational support.

Group Training

Coach Trevor, ROCC Fitness

Several trainers at Powell Fitness lead group training, with a variety of options for every fitness level and style of workout. Beginner boot camps, intermediate olympic lifting classes, cross training classes, and advanced athletes’ group training are all offered at the studio. Find the best option for you and your lifestyle, and have fun working out with like-minded people with similar goals!

Competitive Physiques

Will Powell, Professional Bodybuilder, OCB Hall of Fame Recipient

If you are a competitive bodybuilder or fitness competitor with multiple shows under your belt, or are looking to prepare for your very first competition, Powell Fitness coaching services are a recipe for stepping on stage with a full, shredded, award-winning physique! Founder and lead trainer, Will Powell, has over 40 years of bodybuilding experience, and is known in the industry for bringing complete package competitors to the stage, year after year.