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Beginning a Workout Regimen

The first step to take when starting to exercise as a novice is to get medical clearance to determine that you are fit for exercise and the appropriate level of intensity for you.  After you are cleared medically it’s time (no pun intended) to put time management to work by setting a schedule to be followed.  Begin by deciding the days of the week.  Then select the time of day that will work for your schedule.  Lastly make a commitment to hold these dates and times open and uninterrupted.  This is perhaps the most important step in determining your success.

                Next determine what you would like to accomplish by exercising (to become more flexible, stronger, mitigate joint pain, participate in a sports even…) Write down a specific goal such as “I will become fit enough to hike 3 hours” or I will become fit enough to start my own raised bed garden by Spring 2017” or “I will complete a 5K road race by __________”.  Although it is adequate to just set a goal involving a certain volume of work, it helps a great deal to set an ultimate goal.

                After completing the preliminary steps then you will focus on the technical step of choosing the exercise mode that will support your goal.  Although it is possible to simply begin a generic program you will benefit more from choosing exercises that are specific to the ultimate goal you have selected.  If this step seems daunting you may consider consulting with an exercise professional.

                Exercise sessions should include the following:

                Mobility/flexibility – should be done after a brief period of movement that elevates the body temperature and increases blood flow to extremities.  In its simplest form it could be light stretching advancing over time to yoga poses.

                Resistance Training – should involve lifting weights, using resistance bands or using weighted machines

                Cardiovascular Training – engage in exercises that elevate the heart rate which can be accomplished through single exercises done at a high rate of exertion, like running, or performing resistance or mobility exercises one after another with little to no rest between movements.

                With just a little planning and commitment the novice can begin exercising and in a short time reap the benefits of improved health and wellbeing.

                If you need help making that first step please fill out a consultation request and let us help you!

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